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Halloween is Grinch Night

Everyone is familiar with the Dr. Seuss classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The book, published in 1957, was turned into an animated special in 1966 by Chuck Jones and narrated by Boris Karloff.  It has been beloved ever since, being one of the few specials from the sixties to still get regular airings on television today.  It was even turned into a pretty disappointing live action movie starring Jim Carrey.  I think I’ll leave that for another day.  But how many of you were aware that the Grinch starred in another animated special in celebration of Halloween?

Halloween is Grinch Night, released in 1977, is a prequel to How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  You get to see what kind of mischief the Grinch got up to prior to having his heart size tripled against his will by those sappy Whos and their sing-songy Christmas do-goodery.  The story begins in Whoville on Grinch Night (i.e. The Whoville Halloween).  Unlike Christmas in Whoville, all kinds of crazy crap starts happening on Grinch Night.  Well, crazier than a bunch of Who children making noise on floofloovers, slooslunkas, and blumloopas. Much crazier. A young Who named Euchariah and his grandparents, Josiah and Mariah, are out in their front yard raking leaves as the sun is going down. (Who knew there were Amish Whos? Josiah even has an Amish beard)  A “sour sweet” wind begins to blow down from Mt. Crumpit.  Every Who knows that what means.  They all rush indoors and lock up tight.  The “sour sweet” wind wakes up the greegrumps.  The greegrumps start a growlin’.  This growlin’, of course, always disturbs the hackenkraks.  The hackenkraks start a-yowlin’.  This noisy ruckus carries all the way up to Mt. Crumpit and irritates the Grinch.  Naturally, the Grinch knows of only one way to solve this problem.  He must bust out his “Paraphenalia Wagon” and drive it down the mountain to terrorize Whoville.

As the Grinch is making his way down the mountain, Euchariah feels the overwhelming urge to use the outhouse.  The wind blows him away and up the mountain where he meets the Grinch.  Euchariah discovers what the Grinch’s nefarious plot is.  It turns out the Grinch’s Paraphenalia Wagon is sort of like Walter White’s RV from Breaking Bad, intended to induce mass LSD-like Whollucinations upon the Whos down in Whoville.  Euchariah stalls him long enough that the “sweet sour” wind stops a-blowin’, which stops the greegrumps from a-growlin’, which stops the hackenkraks from a-yowlin’, which, evidently by some official rule, means the Grinch must turn around and head back up the mountain.

In effect, Whoville is saved because in spite of all the crazy contraptions they are always inventing, they still haven’t figured out indoor plumbing.